About Us

Welcome to SRIVISHNU Tailors

Your hub for custom suits, shirt, overcoats, batik, accesssories, etc.

  • Are you looking for the Perfect Business Suit?
  • Do you want to Impress Someone Special at the wedding?
  • Are you looking for the Best Dinner Suit?
  • Or, Is it that Important Award Ceremony you are looking forward to host?

Whatever the reason, SRIVISHNU can design a perfectly fitting suit which is going to fit you like a glove and leave you looking the best. SRIVISHNUdispels the myth that quality comes at a heavy price. We operate with the conviction that high end tailoring should be accessible to all.

At SRIVISHNU, you get a range of hundreds of fabric to choose from. As soon as you walk through the door, SRIVISHNU’s highly trained, knowledgeable and experienced tailors will make you feel Welcome.

At SRIVISHNU, we don’t like to over complicate things rather we like to work with you. Together, we go through and help you choose the right fabric. Once you are happy with the fabric, the master tailor proceeds and takes accurate measurements. As the next step is styling, we discuss 'styling' with you in fine detail. You get to choose each and every component of the suit and design something unique for yourself. Alternatively, we are happy to work with the picture of the suit or sample you bring along. At the end, you leave SRIVISHNU Tailor feeling confident and happy as you have chosen the perfect suit for yourself. Your only problem would be to learn to deal with the compliments you will receive.For your comfort, all the effort put into creating that 'masterpiece' is documented and retained for future orders.

SRIVISHNU offers the choice of design & fitting sessions at their two showrooms located in Sabang and Pasar Baru. Our tailors are based onsite. SRIVISHNU proudly boasts the largest network of suit and shirt tailors within Indonesia.

In a nutshell,SRIVISHNU Tailors offers the highest quality suits and shirts at the best prices. SRIVISHNU Tailor use fabrics from the most reputable fabric mills across the globe e.g. Italy, England, France, etc.

Company History

Srivishnu International Tailor is a family operated business founded in 1960 by K T Adnani.

K T Adnani manages the business with his son Anil Adnani. We have a reputation of being one of the best tailoring store in town delivering all suits with a personal touch. Our clientele spans across the globe.