As a business professional, it was important for me to follow a 'Professional Dress Code'. The way you dress can play a big role in your professional career. SriVishnu Tailor has always helped me to find what I am looking for and then convert them to 'smart' suits, which I always flaunt.

I have been using SriVishnu Tailors for over 7 years and I truly recommend their friendly but professional services. In my relationship of 7 years, SriVishnu have satisfied all my different suit needs e.g. Dinner Suit, Lounge Suit, Double Breasted, Sports Coat, etc.

Thanks to SriVishnu that I no longer have to worry about my looks and I can confidently focus on other important things in my day.

~ Indy Sehra ~
Melbourne, Australia

SriVishnu, You are just great.

~ Mr. Mohan Kumar